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The Dream of Jacob

Do you dream? Do you remember your dreams?” Those who know tell us that we all dream, but do not always remember them. If you do have dreams, how much weight do you give them? Do you wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep? Do you adjust your schedule or make decisions based […]

Finding Joy

Jesus said He came to give us lifeabundantly (John 10:10). God has aplan in mind for you—a life that’sworth living. Yet so often we settle for less. Sorrow, misery, crushed dreams, broken relationships, guilt, and shame plague us when we choose to sin. We find ourselves in rut,facing a series of wrong choices that take […]


In 1 Corinthians 9:24, Paul compares the Christian life to a lifelong race. Just as one runner receives the top prize in a marathon, so every Christian should run in a way that they may obtain the prize. Paul told Timothy that he has “fought the good fight, finished the race, and have kept the […]

His Commandments Are Not Burdensome?

1 John 5:3 There are times in life when the teachings of God can feel inconvenient, restrictive or even unreasonable. Those times typically come when Christian teachings conflict with the desires of our hearts.  Figuratively speaking, we want to go East but the Bible teachings say go West.  Every fiber in us wants to go […]

Restoring Our Worship

Ezra 3:1-4 This morning we are starting the slow process of restoring our worship and fellowship, but we are not the first to have to do this. It has been over a year since many of us have been able to participate in the congregational singing of the church.   It has been over a year […]

Saved, All Glory Goes To God

1st Timothy 1:15 Some of us wonder what would have happened to us if we had continued down the path we were on earlier in life. There were times that our lives could have been irreparably altered and maybe a few times when our lives could have ended. We have to be truly grateful for God’s […]