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Be Grateful To The Lord… He Notices Luke 17:15-16

Most of us were raised to show gratitude when some-thing was given to us or done for us. This was a matter common courtesy, taught to us as part of our home training. Human nature reveals, however, that our level of gratitude and our show of appreciation is many times tied to our perception of the giver and what was given. When we have an extremely high regard for the giver of the gift, our level of gratitude is greater because we realize that the person really did not have to do it for us.

When we realize that the gift came at significant cost to the giver, we have a greater level of gratitude. Also, when we realize that the gift was desperately needed and is something that we could not do for ourselves, our level of gratitude is greater! This morning, I want to share the story of ten men that had something extraordinary done for them by the Lord. Amazingly, only one returned to praise him for the gift. The question is why?

We will take a few clues from the text to propose reasons for the lack of gratitude. At the same time, we’ll search our own hearts to see if we are living a life of thanksgiving to the Lord.

By the way, The Lord noticed that nine did not return, and He did something marvelous for the one that did return.

Let’s Study Together.

Bro. Sam


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