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The Dream of Jacob

Do you dream? Do you remember your dreams?” Those who know tell us that we all dream, but do not always remember them. If you do have dreams, how much weight do you give them? Do you wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep? Do you adjust your schedule or make decisions based on what you dreamed?

Jacob was seemingly a rascal from birth. Born as a twin, he came into the world grabbing the heel of his brother, Esau, and thus was named Jacob, literally meaning “one who grasps the heel, or metaphorically, “a supplanter or deceiver”. In his adult life, Jacob made a career of reaching out to grasp the rights and possessions of others – his brother Esau’s birthright (25:29-34), his father Isaac’s blessing (27:1ff), and his father-in-law, Laban’s flocks and herds (30:25-43; 31:1). In today’s language we might describe Jacob as a take charge kind of man. When he wanted something he did what he needed to do to get it. He learned to manipulate others to his advantage.

After stealing the blessing that was intended for his brother, Esau,
Jacob was forced to flee for his life. As he left for his uncle Laban’s house, he stopped for the night at Bethel. There he had the dream. Jacob was awakened from the dream, but he was also awakened to an awareness of the presence of God. His response to the revelation of his dream reflects his new awareness.

What does God need to do to awaken you to His presence? To His concern & love? Would the vision of a ladder and angels do it? Do you do see Jesus in the Word of God? Just like the ladder of Jacob’s dream, Jesus changes everything. His act of atonement opened up a connection between heaven and earth. It was God’s greatest act of mercy and love. Are you moved to worship Him? Will you vow to serve Him today?



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