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Wheless History


The Wheless Lane congregation first started meeting in February of 1979 with about thirty members. At that time, the congregation did not have a fixed place to meet, thus, finding a place was a weekly task.

After several months of meeting from place to place, we were blessed to purchase a building at 2702 Wheless Lane. By then, the congregation had grown to approximately fifty members. Our first meeting in the new building was the summer of 1980.

At this location on Wheless Lane and by the year 1983, the congregation had grown to about seventy-five members. The members worshipped and started church programs for spiritual growth at that time.

There was no regular assigned minister at that time, but several brothers brought messages from the pulpit to help us grow spiritually. Our first regular minister, Ira Jolivet, was assigned in the summer of 1983.

Since the time of acquiring a meeting place and assigning a regular minister, the Lord has blessed us to have increased our membership to 150 members. We currently have three ordained elders, two deacons, and a full time minister.

The Lord has blessed us to expand into a 6000 sqft facility with classrooms and a fellowship hall. We moved into this new facility in June of 2001.

It is our prayer that God will continue blessing us to grow and be the church that Christ wants us to be as we strive to do his will.