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Finding Joy

Jesus said He came to give us life
abundantly (John 10:10). God has a
plan in mind for you—a life that’s
worth living. Yet so often we settle for less. Sorrow, misery, crushed dreams, broken relationships, guilt, and shame plague us when we choose to sin. We find ourselves in rut,
facing a series of wrong choices that take us down a path of life God never intended for us. God made us to live an “abundant life” in Christ. Forgiven. Hopeful. Purposeful. Connected. Making a difference in the lives of others. A life of true joy.
Joy is a choice. Joy is a decision. We can decide to be fruitful, joyful people regardless of our circumstances. So how can we find joy during times of difficulty? How can we be Christians who are hopeful and joyful even though we experience Satan’s efforts to destroy our faith? Let explore ways we can “find joy”.

Bro. DeWayne


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