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His Commandments Are Not Burdensome?

1 John 5:3

There are times in life when the teachings of God can feel inconvenient, restrictive or even unreasonable. Those times typically come when Christian teachings conflict with the desires of our hearts.  Figuratively speaking, we want to go East but the Bible teachings say go West.  Every fiber in us wants to go South but God’s Word says go North.  That is when the feelings of inconvenience, restriction and unreasonableness can come into play.

Here is the good news about these feelings.  They mean we are still in the Christian fight because God’s Word still has an effect on us! This morning, let’s build on the fact the Word still has an effect on us.

1st John Chapter 5 verse 3 says

For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome. 

So how can we occasionally have these feelings, while the Word of God says “His commandments are not burdensome”?  

This morning, we will talk about two concepts to help us.

  1. How love lightens our load 
  2. How worldliness which can make bad seem good and good seem bad

Let’s draw neigh to God and follow His teachings.

Come and study with us.

Bro. Sam