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Great Faith

Text: Matthew 15:21-28

If you can meet silence from God with patience,

If you can tune out negativity from others and stay focused on God,

If you can be told “no” by the Lord and still worship Him,

If you can be cut to the core by God’s words yet humbly say “Yes Lord” and accept God on God’s terms,

Then you have characteristics of a Great Faith.

This morning we will explore the story of a Canaanite woman in desperate need of help from the Lord.   She faces silence from Jesus, negativity from the disciples, is told that she is not the priority and is cut to the core by the words of the Lord.  But she never gave up on Jesus.

Jesus said of her that she had “great faith”. 

God rewards great faith.  The miracle performed by Jesus on her behalf is evidence that Jesus is the son of God.  And this woman’s story shows us what great faith looks like.

Let’s learn together.

Bro. Sam