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God is Still For Us

Romans 8:31-39

Sometimes we need reassurance that our relationships are still good.    I do not know why.  Maybe because we all have some insecurities.   Maybe because difficulties, shortcomings or setbacks create insecurities in us.  I do not know why, but I know we need it.

How many of us have talked with a child after he or she made a mistake; listened to a friend in distress; comforted a young adult after a break up; encouraged a spouse after a setback. We have done those things in part because we wanted people to know that despite mistakes, distress, breakups or failures that we still cared for them. 

The need for a little reassurance can also apply to those of us IN CHRIST. We are placed IN CHRIST at baptism. And, at that point, we   enjoy a special relationship with God. Salvation is in Christ. All spiritual blessings are in Christ.  If we just stay in Christ we will spend eternity in Heaven. Still, every now and then, especially when things get tough, we need a little reassurance that God is still for us and that he still Loves us.  At those times, the SPIRIT of God working through the WORD of God has reassurance for us.

Today’s message is one of reassurance and it comes from Romans Chapter 8 Verse 31 – 39.  

God is still for us!

Bro. Sam