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Great Love Stories Of The Bible

John 3:16

Some of the greatest love stories ever told are found in The Bible.  Most of the time when we are reading The Bible, we are not looking for love stories. So, we can read right past great stories of love without recognizing them. It’s like when kids look at their parents and never see a love story. But, if you look closely and think about what some of our families have been through, there are some amazing love stores there! 

The Bible is the same way. When we look closely, there are some truly amazing love stories like Adam and Eve, Mary and Joseph, Ruth and Boaz, Jacob and Rachel and Abraham and Sarah. Many of these stories include memorable first meetings, challenges to the relationships and love conquering all in the end. 

This morning, I want to share three of the greatest love stories in The Bible. One of them is the greatest love story ever told.

Grab your Bibles and follow these wonderful stories.  Then, at the end, we will leave it to you to respond to the greatest love story of all time.

Bro. Sam