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Faith is Strengthened Through Storms

Text:  Mark 6:45-52

Faith is Strengthened Through Storms

Mark 6:45-52

One of my prayers is that going through storms will result in something marvelous inside of us. The Bibleteaches us that trials make our faith more pure, and today’s text is an example of just this.

On the evening that Jesus fed the 5000, The Bible teaches us that His Apostles did not understand the significance of the great miracle because their hearts were hardened! But, on the very next morning we find the Apostles saying, “we have come to believe and know that You are the Christ, the Son of the living God”.    

What an amazing change from evening to morning. It begs the question of what happened over the night to create such a dramatic change?  The answer is found in Mark 6:45-52.  

Jesus brought them through a storm that night.  Going through storms with Jesus strengthens our faith!

This morning let’s learn from the faith-refining night the Apostles experienced and allow it to encourage us as we deal with today’s storms.