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Christian Character

Colossians 3:12-15 Church and Friends, we are in a place in our society where those that profess the name of Christ need to display our Christian character.  Our land, our congregations, our jobs and our families need us.  Those of us, who have been raised with Christ and put Christ in the preeminent role in […]

God is Still For Us

Romans 8:31-39 Sometimes we need reassurance that our relationships are still good.    I do not know why.  Maybe because we all have some insecurities.   Maybe because difficulties, shortcomings or setbacks create insecurities in us.  I do not know why, but I know we need it. How many of us have talked with a child after […]

The Grace of God

Ephesians 2:8 This holiday season is like no other in my memory.  All around us is sadness, grief, anger, confusion, concern, loneliness and loss.  But through it all, we still have something that we can shout with joy about. That something is the Grace of God. No matter how far we have come in our […]

Are You Ready?

Text:  Matthew 25:1-13 There are some things we hope we can transfer to our girls. We don’t have anything of extraordinary value, but we do have some items that belonged to our parents or grandparents that we hope to transfer to them.   Unfortunately, there are some things that, as much as we maywant to transfer to […]

Great Faith

Text: Matthew 15:21-28 If you can meet silence from God with patience, If you can tune out negativity from others and stay focused on God, If you can be told “no” by the Lord and still worship Him, If you can be cut to the core by God’s words yet humbly say “Yes Lord” and accept […]

The Faithfulness of God

Ezra 1:1-6 As Christians, we trust the word of God, and we trust it with important, sensitive and delicate areas of our lives.   We trust God’s word to: Guide our marriages Guide the advice and what we teach our children Guide what we believe is right and wrong Guide how we handle our bodies We […]

Faith is Strengthened Through Storms

Text:  Mark 6:45-52 Faith is Strengthened Through Storms Mark 6:45-52 One of my prayers is that going through storms will result in something marvelous inside of us. The Bibleteaches us that trials make our faith more pure, and today’s text is an example of just this. On the evening that Jesus fed the 5000, The Bible teaches us […]

It’s Not About Rules; It’s About Love

Text:  Romans 13:8-10 Romans 13:8-10 When reading The Bible as a young man, one of the first things I noticed is that the book was thick, the pages were thin and the words were small.  It takes a lot of reading, and at a certain point I felt like it was an endless list of rules. The more I […]

Living a Holy Life in Tough Times

1st Peter 5:6-11 The letter of 1st Peter was written to Christians who were trying to remain faithful during tough times. Peter writes them this wonderful letter of encouragement, hope and instruction while never losing sight of the fact that they will suffer in this life.  Our text today is a summary of the letter telling them […]